Ruins Of The Past

by Ruins Of The Past

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released October 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Ruins Of The Past Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Ocean of Tears
From the earliest ages to our recent days
We lust for the blood of our neighbour
We hate and distrust, betray and deceive
No deed seems to be shameful enough
Warmongers, scavengers, a torturing breed
Armed with holy causes
Evolution and progression - just empty words
It's harder to build than destroy

The spiral of hatred, the circle of life
Greed, pain and suffering, hate, fear and strife
Countless generations and thousands of years
Have shown the cruel face of mankind
The pages of the book of our history
Bloodspattered - a testament of endless misery
Cold-blooded murders, the bereaved mourn in sorrow
Their weeping has filled an ocean of tears

Gods have come and gods have gone, their temples turn to dust
We rather put our faith in ourselves
We worship our wealth, our holy possessions
Enough is never enough
Idealistic phrases and realistic nightmares
Words are remaining just words
Educated, civilised, the caveman of today
The bloodthirst in us never sleeps

Will there be a day when the floods will swallow it all ?
Will there be a day when all this sorrow has been gone ?
Will there be a time where righteousness reigns ?
Will there be a time that brings an end to all this pain ?

And the ocean boils - it never comes to rest
And the earth mourns, the sky has turned black
No sunbeam reaches the eye
The reign of darkness - eternal night
Track Name: The Fallen Empire
Shrouded in mystery: the legendary birth
At first only one among many
But when the lurking beast beheld a tempting prey
His hunger arose and the restless hunt began

An age of conquest, a bloody age of war
A nation united by triumph and prosperity
But dark clouds gathered on the distant horizon
When disaffection and disunity started to reign

From the Nile to the Rhine from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic shores
From the bone-dry deserts of Africa to Hadrian's wall
A vastness threatened by internal discord and Barbarian hordes
Corruption and estrangement - the hour of the warlords
Once thought unconquerable the empire licks its wounds
A collapsing war machine on the way to its tomb
The last breath of a nation blown away by the wind
The end of an era - the final downfall

Built by the sword, mighty leaders forged it's destiny
An empire of iron, an empire of blood
Thousand years and hundreds of battles, spreading fear over continents
Now the glory is gone, the golden dream lies in ruins

Every empire will fall,
Every fortress will sink into ruin
Every dream has an end, even if it's carved in stone or forged from iron
Broken down and turned to dust by the ravages of time
New empires will arise
To overshadow the old kingdoms
Memories will fade and will be gone forever
Rumors and legends - the last whispers of the dead
Track Name: Luciferian Messiah
His preachings of hate so sweet in our ears
A strong hand to bring us the triumph
Promised salvation, a fire of fears
The wolf's words of temptation

Our weakness erased by Lucifers grace
We are the chosen ones
A nation united to reign over all
A pride stronger than conscience

Godsend and blessed
By Satan's powerful hands
To enlighten the masses
With blindness that swallows them all

The darkest light, the brightest night
On this day we give up ourselfs to follow our new Messiah
The darkest night, the brightest light
Come and dream with us this bloody nightmare

A billion disciples are marching to war
This is our holy crusade
Eradication, extermination
We just do what needs to be done

The hordes of devastation
A storm of terror smites the land
From horizon to horizon
The soil drenched with blood
Mountains of corpses, the smell of Death
Gather the herd to be slaughtered
A world lies in ruins, a man-made hell
This is the hour of the sadists
Track Name: Blood Red Flag
If those trees could speak about what they have seen
If this soil would have a voice
If the seas could accuse and the mountains testify
The truth would be revealed
If the child would question the father's deeds
If the nations would break their silence
If we would look back with open eyes
The truth would be revealed

And the wind sings an elegy, an unheard testimonial
About the blood that drenched the land a century ago
And the mountains resound with the echoes
Of the death cries of the innocent
Ignored by the heirs of the murderers - behold, the blood red flag !

Written down in chronicles - bills of indictment
But the pride and arrogance is way to strong to accept the ghoulish truth

Deported and raped, hung and beheaded
Starved, tortured, burned and drowned
Buried alive and hacked to death
A million corpses covered with lies
A collective trauma, an eternal wound
Those scars will remain forever
In the soul of a haunted nation
That will never forget
Track Name: Apnoea
When the night casts its shadow over my senses
I can't find rest for my soul
Bitter thoughts and endless pondering
Keep my weary mind awake
When I lie down to escape the cruel reality
The pain catches up with me
When I'm surrounded by oppressive silence
The hell breaks loose inside my head

I'm staring into darkness with my tired eyes
In hope to glimpse a ray of hope
But all I can see is the mirroring grimace
Of my anguish and hopelessness

I'm going through this nightmare with open eyes
Lifeless existence, a life that I despise
A burden too heavy to bear
Wounds so deep, they will never heal

My body - a casket for a dying soul
I leave behind the very last fall
I lay enchained and paralysed
While eternal winter unfolds

Apathy - a soul so deeply scarred
Syncope - no strength, no will to breathe
Apnoea - the breath of life is gone
Asystolia - a heart strangled by grief

Wrecked dreams and drown hopes
Adrift at sea, no land in sight
I wish to sink to the ocean floor
To escape the air that keeps my pain alive
Track Name: Ruins of the Past
When I'm looking back over my shoulder
To see what I have left behind
Crumbled towers, cracked walls, empty windows
I see the ruins of my past

Ruins of the past - never to be rebuild
Ruins of my past - scars in my memories
Ruins of the past - dreams fallen apart
Ruins of my past - no way to escape

Failure - I'm drowning in my weakness
A self-build fortress - unable to shield
Freedom becomes a burden
Loneliness, the price for my pride

And I'm longing for healing
And I'm searching for peace
And I'm pleeding for forgivness
I want to see a brighter day

Behind those walls, kept like treasures - the old lies
Behind those doors, behind the veil - my old fears
In those ruins, in the ashes - my hopes and dreams
Behind my back, in the mirror - the truth about myself

And I thought I could carry those burdens
Until the very end of my days
Now they push me down and I can't breathe in
My strength is gone, weakness reigns

Ruins of the past
Encircled by demons of the past
Surrounded by ruins of my past
Encircled by demons of my past
Demons of my past
Track Name: The Lake
In spring of youth it was my lot
To haunt of the wide world a spot
The which I could not love the less--
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound,
And the tall pines that towered around.

But when the Night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot, as upon all,
And the mystic wind went by
Murmuring in melody--
Then--ah then I would awake
To the terror of the lone lake.

Yet that terror was not fright,
But a tremulous delight--
A feeling not the jewelled mine
Could teach or bribe me to define--
Nor Love--although the Love were thine.

Death was in that poisonous wave,
And in its gulf a fitting grave
For him who thence could solace bring
To his lone imagining--
Whose solitary soul could make
An Eden of that dim lake.

- Edgar Allan Poe, 1827 / 1845 -

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